29. september 2014

"Getting to Know You" Blog Hop

I was invited by Cecilie, a super talented fellow Danish cardmaker and very good friend, to participate in the “Getting to Know You” Blog Hop where I have to answer a few questions about the creative side of life as I know it. Here we go:
1.What creative projects are you currently working on?
It not enough a suitable reply?  =0) I guess not! I still have to pick up my scrapbooking, but I know exactly where I left it back in 2010, when I started Operation Skriv hjem and never looked back. That means my creative projects are cards, cards and more cards. Some for friends and family - others for the OSH project. I love using my stash to decorate gifts as well, here a baby gift for a colleague:

2.What inspires your designs?
I have a very lateral mindset and sometimes have to limit myself from getting new ideas to actually get stuff done =0). I can get ideas from almost everything I see. Pinterest is my "go to" if I need a quick fix - so many talented people out there. Handling the many lovely OSH cards is very inspirational too. Last but not least I love seeing what my blogfriends make.
Example of card inspired by a vanity bag for a teenage girl:

3.What method / process (if applicable) do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?
I love dies and stamps. You will rarely see something made by me without diecuts - they might however have been altered to fit my idea. Time - anything from 1 hour to DAYS - don't get me started - some ideas just take TIME from first idea to actual card - but I love the process and remind myself that it is a HOBBY ! This card for my DH is an example of a timeconsuming card =0):
Inside text said "You're still my knight in shining armour and I am ready with the oilcan if needed"  =0)
4.If you had to describe your ‘signature’ style, what would it be?
I CAN do CAS if I really put my mind to it - but a real "Charlie card" tells a story - like this one made for a colleague who wanted it to hint that he had bought a necklace for his wife (they both liked diving):

5. What are 3 crafting products/tools you can’t live without?
Doublesided tape - I use that a lot as I can make a royal mess with liquid glue.
My two friends - Bigshot and Revolution (diecutting machines)
My growing set of COPIC pens.

And now I have to pass on the torch to two creative women that I find inspirational and amazing:
Gitte fra Love2Scrap – Gitte decided to buy Love2scrap and I am one of the many who are happy she kept this shop running now as a webshop. She has a team of talented girls and we always have a lot of laughs when I meet her at scrap-events.
Gitte fra Hobbyboden – Gitte was one of the first shops to support me and OSH when we started back in 2010 and even designed a special set of Danish text stamps - PERFECT for OSH cards but also suitable for other Danish cards and scrappages. Do click and visit her blog and see the her very talented DT girls too.

Thank you both for accepting the torch - looking forward to seeing your answers. =0)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Som altid interessant at lære lidt mere om hvilke tanker der ligger bag arbejdet også Charlie. Skønt at lære dig lidt bedre at kende som kustner.

  2. Hyggelig og interessant læsning, Charlie :o)

  3. Ja, ja. Det er jo sådan vi kender og holder af dig.

  4. Hyggelig læsning - og jeg glæder mig til at bringe idéen videre på min egen blog :-)


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